What Third Graders Need To Know: Ages 8-10⠀

I’m continuing my series on what each grade level should work on or needs to know. Please check previous posts for Pre-School through Second Grade information. ⠀

Third graders have mastered foundations and are ready to take on more content! This could be seen as a transitional year from “younger” grades to “older” grades. Content is more rich and promotes critical thinking in third grade. Students are now mastering their skills and building upon them (for example, analyzing text, writing opinions, digging deeper into ideas, etc.)⠀

Note: These are general guidelines for third graders. Of course children could be working towards this or ahead, however this is a baseline in case support is needed. ⠀

Concepts Third Graders should work on: ⠀

📖Reading: Discussion of ideas, main ideas of text, suffixes, fluency, ask and answer questions about a text, give own point of view from text, fables, folktales and myths, describe characters in a story, story elements (theme, settings and plots) ⠀

✏️Writing: grammar (regular/irregular/abstract nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs), opinion, narrative, and expository writing, research ideas (check out my projects on my site :-)⠀

🧮Math: multiplication and division within 100, order of operations, place value up to the nearest 100 (check out my post yesterday about teaching place value), fractions, tell time to the nearest minute, measure and estimate liquid volume, pictographs and bar graphs, area and perimeter, comparisons between shapes and splitting shapes into parts to represent a fraction ⠀

🧬Science: life cycles of animals and plants, genetics, ecosystems, weather and climate, forces and interactions (magnets)⠀

🗺Social Studies: geographical features (deserts, mountains, rivers, etc.), Native Americans (check out my Native American project on my site), explorers, U.S. government (constitution, branches of government, etc.), economy ⠀

Ways to teach these concepts:⠀

🌀Implement projects⠀

🌀Write their opinion on ideas and current events⠀

🌀Have students create many visuals about what they’re learning⠀

🌀Implement graphic organizers⠀

🌀Journal writing

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