What Preschoolers Need to Know: Ages 3-4

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I’m going to start a series on what children should learn in for each age range/grade. Often times I see parents ask ‘What should my (insert age/grade) know?’ So I hope this helps! ⠀

All educational concepts at the 3-4 year old level is exposure and repetition. As parents, we want to expose our little ones to letters, colors, shapes, reading, etc. They may retain these concepts which is great, but it should not be so drilled that we expect for them to memorize it. ⠀

The most important thing at this age is continuing to build a relationship with our kiddos. These toddlers don’t quite know how to express themselves so we need to nurture them, let them take the lead at times, go outside with them, play with them, and have fun with them! ⠀

However, I am a big proponent of exposing kiddos as young as 18 months, because, why not? It’s also important to note that anything you try to teach or expose your children to at this age should mostly be done through play. Here are some concepts you can practice at this age:⠀




*Sorting ⠀

*Reading (phonics, word families)⠀

*Science Concepts: Animals, Weather ⠀


Types of Activities to incorporate with teaching these concepts that are great for this age:⠀

*Singing ⠀

*Dancing ⠀

*Physical Activity (My favorite activity to do with my 3 year old is posting letters/numbers/shapes around the room and asking her to go find the card I call out. She loves it!)⠀

*Crafts and Art⠀

*Sensory Activities (shaving cream, sand, water)⠀

*Outside play⠀


The most important thing is to have fun with your little ones! Play with them, hug them lots, and love on them.

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