What Kindergarteners Need To Know - Ages 5-6⠀

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

In Kindergarten, students are really developing their foundation for reading and writing. I love Kindergarten because the students’ progress from the beginning of the year to the end of the year is very dramatic. They improve drastically and it’s really fun to see. ⠀

Concepts Kindergartners should work on: ⠀

-Reading ⠀

-Writing (at the beginning of the year children may just write symbols, but will develop into words and sentences throughout the year. They should practice 3-4 times a week.)⠀

-Math: addition, subtraction, word problems, time, 3D shapes, counting by 10s, counting to 100⠀

-Science: animal adaptations, pushes and pulls, weather⠀

-Social Studies: maps, calendar, community workers, national landmarks ⠀

Ways to teach these concepts:⠀

-For all grades I personally like thematic teaching. It’s best to pick a topic through science or social studies and use that topic to teach everything else (math, writing, reading) ⠀

-Projects: falling under the realm of thematic teaching, projects are a great way to help teach in this way⠀

-Hands-on: I believe students should learn through hands-on in all grade levels⠀


-Pairing physical activity with learning ⠀

-Teaching in different ways (videos, crafts, games, etc) ⠀




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