What Fourth Graders Need to Know

I’m continuing my series on what each grade level should work on or needs to know. Please check previous posts for Pre-School through Third Grade information. ⠀

No doubt things are getting more challenging in fourth grade. Students lessons could last longer and they’re digging deeper into their content. This is the time to really develop those critical thinking and research skills. ⠀

Note: These are general guidelines for fourth graders. Of course children could be working towards this or ahead, however this is a baseline in case support is needed. ⠀

Concepts Fourth Graders should work on: ⠀

📖Reading: themes of stories, poems, narration, main idea, compare/contrast of informational text, comprehension⠀

✏️Writing: relative pronouns and adverbs, correctly use confused words (ex. too/to), similies, metaphors, idioms, opinion, narrative, and expository writing, research ideas (check out my projects on my site :-), developing topics, transitional words, coherent writing, publish writing on computer ⠀

🧮Math: place value, multiply and divide 4 digit numbers, word problems with the four operations, factors and multiples, fractions and decimals, converting measurements, area and perimeter, graphs, angles, symmetry ⠀

🧬Science: animal and plant survival, brain functionality, rock and fossil formation, weathering and erosion, map features, how Earth effects humans, speed, energy transfer, energy from natural resources, wavelengths⠀

🗺Social Studies: learn about the state you live in (current and history), Native Americans, local and federal government ⠀

Ways to teach these concepts:⠀

🌀Implement projects⠀

🌀Build models of what they are learning ⠀

🌀Write, write, write!⠀

🌀Verbally explain what they just read (helps with comprehension and speaking skills)⠀

🌀Act out scenarios (government)⠀

🌀Combine concepts from one content area to another ⠀




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