What Fifth Graders Need To Know: Ages 10-12⠀

In fifth grade, students are becoming more independent in their learning and work ethics. They are refining what they’ve learned in fourth grade. Their critical thinking and research skills should continue to develop. ⠀

Note: These are general guidelines for fifth graders. Of course children could be working towards this or ahead, however this is a baseline in case support is needed. ⠀

Concepts Fifth Graders should work on: ⠀

📖Reading: comparing texts, quote text, integrate information from multiple texts on the same information, themes, compare characters, semantics of a poem⠀

✏️Writing: conjunctions, prepositions, interjections, verb tenses, quotation marks, cause and effect, use reference materials, figurative language, discuss text, present information (projects are great for that 😉), informational, opinionated, narrative writing⠀

🧮Math: order of operations, decimals to thousandths, place value to any place, add and subtract with fractions, line plots, measuring volume, graphing on coordinate planes, classify 2D figures based on their properties (ex. Rectangles and squares both have 4 right angles)⠀

🧬Science: astronomy, plant and animal survival, food energy, ecosystems, chemical reactions, matter, water cycle ⠀

🗺Social Studies: explorers, Native Americans, relationship between Native Americans and new settlers, colonies, memorize 50 states and capitals (this it’s exactly what my Geography Unit is for!), American Revolution, government ⠀

Ways to teach these concepts:⠀

🌀Implement projects for critical thinking, presentations, and research (check out my projects at www.buildaproject.net/shop)⠀

🌀Compare and contrast information using Venn diagrams ⠀

🌀Science experiments⠀

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