A few weeks ago we ended a weather unit. Here is how I connected content areas across one another (some of these ideas are pictured):

1. Art: When we had an art project to do, my kids drew weather-related things (sun, rainbow, clouds, etc.). They painted suns on wax paper so when we put it on a window, it was very bright through the wax paper.

2. Art and Illusion: The kids drew pictures to make “magic pictures.” See the video here.

3. Science: Mystery Doug has some really great weather related activities.

4. Science: We tracked weather everyday for a week. The kids filled out a chart (from Mystery Doug) in which they circled the level of heat, what they would wear that day according to the weather, and whether it was dry or wet.

5. Science: Shaving Cream Clouds (see video here)

6. Writing: My son wrote about weather, what he learned that particular day about weather, and different scenarios that had to do with weather.

7. Other ideas: Keep a weather journal. Track weather daily and write observations.

These are some of the ideas we did to make the weather unit successful and connect content areas.

Tag@build_a_projectfor your weather-related activities!

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