Tips to Help With Writing

By Nancy Mikhail

Whether you have a beginner writer or a growing writer, these tips will definitely help get you started!⠀

1. Practice writing often - I recommend writing 2-5 times a week depending on the age of the child. Younger children (as early as 3) could write 2 times a week, whereas older children could write 4 or 5 times a week.

2. Start 'em young! Let your children start writing as early as the age of 3. As long as they are getting pencil to paper, it's a great start. There will be little letter formation or visible writing at that age, but they have ideas to "write" and that is great enough at that age. ⠀

3. Have them write about their interests - Different types of writing are important (informational, creative, etc.), but it's equally important for children to write about their interests. It's important to build a love for writing so children could enjoy it and have a good relationship with writing. ⠀

4. Back-and-forth journal - When your children write a journal entry, write back to them! I used to do this with my students in my classroom and they loved reading my responses. ⠀

5. Keep a journal - Speaking of journals, have your children keep a journal to write prompts you give them or their own prompts. They can decorate them and personalize them!

6. Read their work to help them improve - I personally say when it is a journal entry, there is no need for corrections because it's more about their thoughts and experiences. However, if it is a written assignment or essay, it's definitely important to correct and fix grammatical errors. Obviously, this is to your discretion!

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