Time Activities

Teaching time can be a difficult concept for many children. Here are some activities I did with my son to teach time:

*Make a Clock: The first thing we did was make a clock out of a paper plate, construction paper, and a brass pin.

  1. Write the numbers of the clock (we wrote the minutes in a different color)

  2. Make two arrows - one longer than the other - and write 'minute' on the longer one and 'hour' on the shorter one

  3. Add the brass pin in the middle with the arrows

And that's it! This was very useful during the unit of teaching time because my son used it whenever we did time activities.

*Practice, Practice, Practice: Have your child tell time whenever she asks you for the time or when you see a clock. My son also did worksheets after each activity to practice.

*Matching Game: We played a matching game in which my son had to match the time written in word form with the picture of a clock.

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