Fun Review Game to Play

Here’s a great game to review content, concepts, and ideas:⠀

Materials: 3x5 cards⠀

Set-up: Write one concept on each card. Some should be stated false. ⠀

How-To: Present two cards to your student(s). One should be true and one should be false. Students should choose which one is the true statement. You can extend it by having them explain WHY it’s true and why the false card is false. For each card they get right they get the card. For each one they get wrong you get the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins!⠀

Variation: If you have more than one student you could have partners test each other.⠀

Age Range: Great for ages 6-12! ⠀

Here is a list of other review games you can play!

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