At Home Movie Night

My kids wanted to create their own movie theater at home. It was so much fun coming up with the signs, decorating them, making decisions on costs, and what to sell. ⠀

They made their own check-in tickets and my oldest son managed the ‘concession stand’ (everyone had fake money). ⠀

I gave them free rein to make up the snack menu and prices 😂 (granted my children are ages 5, 3, and 1). ⠀

Can you make this into a project?⠀

The answer is YES! But how? ⠀

(Typically, my projects include an essential question that the project is focused on but these are random ideas.) ⠀

1. Math: Children can research (real) costs of food items vs how much they’re usually sold at movie theaters. ⠀

2. Math: Which leads me to my next point, you can teach about inflation! ⠀

3. Math: this is a great way to teach about money. ⠀

4. Art: Children can also make more sophisticated signs. ⠀

5. History: Look up the history movie theaters and look at different types of movie theaters. ⠀

6. Business: Children can research how movies get from the production company to the theater. Also, teach about profit vs. margin. ⠀

I could go on, but here are some ideas to hopefully keep your kiddos busy ☺️⠀

Depending on the level of depth this activity/project would be great for ages 5-12.

You can find the Movie Night Project here.

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