5 Tips For Teaching

1.Be Prepared!Prepare your lessons and materials beforehand. Trying to scramble right before lessons with the kids could be very stressful. 

2. Plan Engaging Lessons:

First you have to engage students then teach them. Think of different ways to teach the topic. Take kids outside, do a craft, have them build something, or have them reteach the content!

3. Be Flexible! Lessons may not work out according to plan, so be flexible. Don't take it personally if something doesn't work out. Just learn from it and move on.

4. Observation leads to Instruction: Observe your child, what they're learning, how they are learning, and the work they produce to guide your future instruction.

5. Have Fun! Have fun with your child. This is a learning curve for you and your child so be sure to do things that are engaging for you and your child!

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