Engage Your Students 


Do you have a hard time helping your students comprehend what you are trying to teach them? 

No matter what you try, your students are just not interested ?

If you are struggling connecting with your students, then this course is for you!

In the Engage Your Students Course we will:

  • Discuss 7 different learning preferences

  • Activities you can do with your students to meet their learning preferences

  • Discuss the research, methodology, and reasoning behind focusing on learner preferences

  • Provide several resources and a workbook to guide you through the course

  • Be part of a Facebook Community exclusively for course participants 


Who is this course for? 



After School Instructors

Learning Center Directors

Become confident in planning your lessons, coming up with engaging activities, and really understanding your child's learning preferences!

By the end of the course, you will have a ton of engaging strategies and activities to do with your students, understand all the learning preferences and styles, partake in engaging activities yourself, be part of an awesome community of parents and educators, and most of all be CONFIDENT in planning engaging lessons for your students!

This is a 2 part pre-recorded course! After each part, we will have a one-on-one session to answer any questions. You will have access to each course thereafter. 

Part 1: Introduction and Linguistic Learning Strategies, Musical and Kinesthetic Learning Strategies 

Part 2: Visual and Logical Learning Strategies Interpersonal & Interpersonal Learning Strategies, and Debriefing

For each learning preference we will discuss: 

  • specific strategies to engage each learning preference 

  • characteristics of learning preferences

  • specific activities for each learning preference 

  • how to construct a lesson for learning preferences 

  • how to teach more than one type of learning preference

  • live Q & A's!

\Course is recorded so you can 

watch at your own time!



Your workshop on motivating students was the best staff development, especially in 90 minutes, that I have attended in my 22 years of teaching elementary school in Fullerton!


I have worked with Nancy Mikhail on many of her seminars. She builds her workshops in such a dynamic, interactive way that it keeps attendees involved on many different levels. Nancy's presentations always have something to offer, which makes them a pleasure to look forward to.


Nancy's workshop was very engaging, insightful and knowledgeable. Strategies in this workshop are dedicated to educators for ALL students no matter the behavior or temperament. The only "bad" part was that we ran out of time! The workshop did not disappoint. 

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