The Cost Value of Projects

How much work goes into creating a project?

Our content developers go through a series of steps to deliver the best educational and engaging projects. These steps include: 
  • Conducting extensive research on the topic and best practices to apply into the project
  • Creating resources, reproducibles and worksheets for the project 
  • Developing unique ideas to include 
  • Making the project applicable to certain grade and age levels
  • Writing the entire project. This includes writing the different tasks for the project, the timeline, checklist, additional resources, and more. 
  • Editing and designing the project 

Why projects?

  • Clients receive a unique, engaging, and content-driven project. 
  • Saves time and energy to search for the best activity, curriculum, or project
  • Projects are engaging, hands-on, and research-based all while having students learn the content.  
  • Projects could be used multiple times for different students