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Helping homeschool parents take away the overwhelm from planning through

educational coaching

Hey hey! Are you a homeschool parent in need of some guidance and support? Well I am here for you!

Figuring out how to teach the next science or math topic to different aged kiddos could be challenging. Or perhaps finding ways to motivate them or help them stay focused is a struggle. Maybe coming up with a schedule for your homeschool routine is daunting. 



I get it...

There is so much to do all. the. time. From housework, to taking care of kids, working, taking care of yourself, and homeschooling - it is overwhelming to say the least! Planning what you are going to teach, how you are going to teach, and keeping your kids engaged is a lot of work! 

Well I can help! 

What if there is one less thing you could worry about? What if you had the kind of support so you don't have to second guess what you're doing when it comes to teaching your kids? 

I could hear your sigh of relief! Take the guess work out of how and what to teach your children and just enjoy homeschooling! 


The Confident Homeschool Parent Program

"Nancy was quick to respond, and was very thorough and organized in checking what I have been doing so far and what my needs are. Nancy was very reassuring to me about the steps I’ve taken so far, about my abilities to effectively homeschool my children, and about her abilities to assist me.  I am excited to be able to go through this program, I am excited to work more with Nancy, and I am excited for the confidence that it has already given me to read through the curriculum and the confidence that I will continue to gain as a teach my children the subjects and outline that she has set up for me. In communicating with Nancy, she is very friendly, very supportive, and very quick to respond with information and help to questions. I could not be happier with my interaction with her so far, and look forward two progressing my homeschooling experience with her." - Jed Robbens, homeschool father

Before Coaching With Me

After Coaching With Me

The Benefits


After just one session, you feel instantly feel relieved 

After our three month program, you will: 

  • Be CONFIDENT in planning for homeschooling

  • Have a better understanding of your child's learning preferences and needs

  • Be more confident in what you are teaching and how you are teaching your child

  • Have a clear plan of action 

  • Witness how engaged your child is through project-based learning, hands-on and interest-led learning 

  • Gain tons of ideas and resources 

  • Create a personalized education for your child

  • Gain more clarity and confidence in homeschooling

  • Gain peace of mind

Spending hours researching
best curriculum and getting nowhere

Frazzled about teaching all your children who are different ages and grades and not knowing how to teach them.

Figuring out a schedule to include homeschooling, house chores, extracurriculars, work, etc.

Figuring out how time much to teach for each subject.

Wondering if you can include hands-on learning and spending hours and hours researching ideas.


 I will walk you through a simple
step process of creating your own customized curriculum that your children will love because it will be tailored to their interests and
what they need to learn.


We will work out a way to teach the majority of the lessons to all your children so it’s less work for you and you can maximize your time!


Together, we will map out the best schedule that will work for you and your family so you feel more at ease and in control.


You may not to spend as much time as you think. We’ll plan out how much each of your children need to learn for every subject.


I have spent years creating projects and curriculum - all hands-on and project-based learning. With all this experience in my back pocket, I can help you come up with the best ideas your kids will love. Save hours of research and stress by working with me and cutting your time researching in half!

What we do together...


Have you ever thought: "I'm not cut out to homeschool" or "I don't know what I'm doing?" or perhaps "I won't be good at homeschooling"? We dive into helping you change your mindset and gain the confidence you need to homeschool. 

Lesson and Content Mapping

Together, we first discuss your goals as a homeschooling family, then come up with an educational plan. I help you plan out lessons, discuss any projects you may want to implement, all while considering your child's interests and different learning techniques and the way that you, the parent, want to teach. 

Time Management 

Sometimes we want to do all the things. We want to do the best projects, that cute little craft, or go on an exciting field trip. I'll tell you one thing: it is possible. I help you come up with a realistic schedule and discuss what time management looks like for your family. 

Teaching Skills

We discuss different teaching techniques, how to make lessons engaging, ways to motivate your child, simplify difficult concepts, how to integrate your child's interests and personalities into the lesson plans, and unique ways to teach your child. 



Reflection is important for us to do as well as our children. This only helps us improve what we do. We go over how to reflect on your teaching, lessons, and how we can improve along the way. 

Coaching Services

1:1 Coaching

Choose between:

4 week Kickstart Program or

12 Week Master Homeschooler Program

Group coaching

Sign up for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months of group coaching with a community of homeschoolers.

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"Nancy's Build-A-Project program (educational coaching) is absolutely amazing and so helpful. She helped guide me with a custom curriculum to finish my son's school year. She also provided so many

wonderful ideas and projects. 

I am grateful for her time, professionalism, and the whole experience."

-Vanessa, mom of 6 year old son

Are'al Mello_edited_edited.jpg

"Nancy was amazing to work with and really taught me some skills I could not only use for my son, but for myself. If you need help putting your foot in the right door for homeschooling, give Nancy a chance"

-Are'al, mom of 4 year old son

Your Educational Coaching Begins Now

The Confident Homeschool Parent Program includes a 1 or 3 month package: 

4-12 weekly 60 minute video call sessions

Weekly one-on-one sessions answering all of your questions about what to teach, how to teach it, keeping your children focused and motivated, and next steps in your educational journey. 

Access to a plethora of resources 

Clients have full access to all educational resources and exclusive resources. 

Daily Support 

Email or text about any questions or support you need. 


Exclusive access to promotional deals for only client members on any project!

Private Facebook Group

Join a community of homeschool parents, just for clients, to ask questions, seek tips and find the support you need!

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