Helping parents create personalized learning through educational coaching and hands-on projects

Get support in planning your curriculum the way that you want to teach, what your children need to learn, coming up with a solid homeschool schedule, working through any homeschool teaching struggles, creating the confidence you need to homeschool, and answers to all of your educational questions.
Engaging projects that covers several content areas in one project. Projects include engaging, hands-on activities, real-world references and activities, and can be used for multiple grade levels. 
Get instant access to engaging modules on hands-on learning for tons of ideas that will transform your homeschooling.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have helped me set up to be able to homeschool my daughter. At first I was so overwhelmed by the thought of it, but you broke it down into bite size pieces and help me put together a schedule that would work well for our individual needs. You were also able to give me resources and helpful insight into multiple ways of teaching a subject, if it was one that challenged Isabella. I’m so grateful that I met you, and think the service you provide to help people like me that are clueless when it comes to homeschooling, is truly a blessing. You took the stress and pressure off of me and made it fun for us to learn together. Thank you so much! I would be happy to recommend anyone to your program. " -Christina Whiteley, Homeschool Mom


My name is Nancy Mikhail and I am passionate about delivering a hands-on education to students through coaching homeschool parents to create a customized curriculum and hands-on project-based learning resources. As a former elementary school teacher and principal, I used to implement a hands-on methodology into my teaching. Now, I implement these ideas with my children everyday and am committed to helping homeschool families and programs deliver cumulative, yet engaging projects and curriculum.


Through our one-on-one coaching, parents will feel confident, capable, and stress-free homeschooling their children! 

"When I met Nancy I was terrified that I would fail my daughter. Nancy patiently walked me through the curriculum process, made herself available to assist and answer questions, and gave my confidence a huge boost." -Angela Ammons

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